Toader Matei

With your permission, we will start the interviu: Toader Matei: 2. many people agrees that you are a woman’s success in business on the net, what main habit you consider that it has helped you to have so much success? Carmen Robayna: Thank you. I think my main habit is patience, give businesses enough time to ripen, and thus be able to mature I at the same time. It seems to me that online we usually have a hurry to make money and not give opportunity to our business to be profiled and finding your site on the net. We also stopped to learn and train us to be good professionals, and that plays against our. Attached to the inner strength, patience and perseverance, open us all the doors. Toader Matei: 3. what skill you would develop in the future? Carmen Robayna: Well, in the future I would like to continue learning to develop my intuition, and better connect me with my interior.

It is my next challenge. Toader Matei: 4. What is your main purpose in this life? Carmen Robayna: I have two. My mission for this life, and be happy. Almost nothing! Toader Matei: 5. what your family, your husband, your children, in your life? Carmen Robayna: Are a gift for me.

With them I feel stronger, drive me to go ahead, and problems seem less when I look at them it is a privilege to be able to count on his energy and his joy near me. Toader Matei: 6. what would you do if you’d have all the time and all the riches of the world? Carmen Robayna: He would live a simple way, in nature, and I devote to my inner work, my musings and my personal balance. Also it would continue helping who ask me for it, I don’t think that I could stop working, I’m too restless. Toader Matei: 7. what, in your opinion, the essence of MLM business?, no matter whether face-to-face or online. Carmen Robayna: For me, the essence of this type of business is the union between people who make up the network. It is to learn to work as a team and help to the new ones that are coming. We have forgotten how strong we can be working together, we live in a society where everything is individual, each going to theirs, so when many people come to this business, still believing that only your paycheck and your status is important, aside from the care of his group. This is a mistake. Here cannot last much time at the top without strong leadership, and an impeccable ethics, and this can only be achieved looking for others, and wishing for them the same that for us. Toader Matei: 8. Please, do want to add something more? Carmen Robayna: I would like to thank you for the opportunity to speak here in your blog and congratulate you for the great work that you are carrying forward. I wish you all the success in the world! Toadr Matei: Thank you very much for your kindness of giving me the possibility of entrvistarte. That’s all, at the end I would like to me to leave a comment on this article, your opinion is very important to me. Thanks a lot. Toader Matei video Gratuit * or: how Reprogram your mind to be the leader of your MLM business click and download it now!