The President

The Evo name which astonishes by its peculiarity, is not the male Eva, as many believe, but it is product of the mispronunciation of the Spanish that characterises the indigenous high plateau. The Aymara find it difficult to pronounce certain Spanish words, especially if contain the vowels or i, who usually opposed. For example: they can’t say cucumber, but say they Pepin. Nor can you tell money, say denero. Oruro was seat of a large Croatian colony. Among their male, there were many who were called Ivo, common name among the Slavs.

When the mother of Morales, went to register his newborn son, he wanted to call it Ivo, but as he could not pronounce the i said Evo. The disciplined notary pointed out the name as he heard it and thus passed into history the singular nickname. Evo is known with certainty, is that he did not finish school, nor was educated in any matter. He does not speak Aymara and other indigenous languages apart from a rudimentary Spanish. The President is functionally illiterate. He likes playing football, which remains his greatest passion. Mediocremente played the trumpet in a popular band, of which there are thousands in Oruro, where its inhabitants are preparing the whole year to celebrate Carnival, dancing, or playing any instrument.

She never starred in any activity with the exception of neighborhood football. His luck begins to change when the Sanchez President Gonzalo de Lozada decides to relocate tens of thousands of workers dependent on the broken State mining industry, giving them land in the tropics, where nature offers better advantages than the inhospitable altiplano, so that they rehicieran their lives. Evo is installed in Chapare, Central Bolivia, head of the Amazon jungle. Place of stunning foliage, rivers and many coca plantations. Since coca yields up to four annual crops. It does not require care and leaves substantial profits. Evo decided to devote himself to his seeding, that gives you enough time to play football. Being more clever than others in kicking the ball, he was elected Captain of the team the place, position that catapultaria trade union leader of the Chapare coca leaf producers.