Food For Dogs

The animals there are to many years as a man, but the man always convivio more with dogs. Today dogs are known as man’s best friend. Dogs are appreciated by the man by his intelligence. The canine intelligence is the ability of a dog to learn, think and solve problems. Dogs trainers, masters and researchers not they agree on a method for testing canine intelligence as it exists for humans, while the same is traditionally evaluated through the resolution of mazes. Why must have a boa feeding the dog food not recommended for dogs * milk: some dogs as some people have lactose intolerance.

Therefore it should be given with caution and at the first adverse reaction vomiting, diarrhoea immediately cease. ** The chocolate: contains a substance called theobromine that causes intoxication in the body of the dog and can be fatal in large doses. * Treats: such as fried foods, sweets, biscuits; they tend to form Tartar on the teeth of the dog. In addition the sugars make them prone to diabetes. There are sweets special for them including protecting the formation of tartar.

* Cooked bones: especially those of chicken. To be crushed by the dog jaw can form chips with very sharp edges, which can easily puncture the esophagus, small intestine or rectum causing internal bleeding, infection, and consequently much pain. * Food or household rubbish: very spicy foods should be avoided since the dogs are especially sensitive to salt, pepper and chile. Similarly, foods with excess fat should be avoided. Waste or leftover food, normally little frescoes should be eliminated. You should not be allowed to eat remains found on the street, since it could be infectious gastroenteritis. * Tomato: Tomato can affect the digestive system of the dog, so it is not recommended. The best foods for dogs the vast amount of options that have the owners Pet when they buy food sometimes makes the decision of which product to buy. It is important to consider the place to buy, purchasing power and conveniences, tastes and extent of digestion desired. While the product provide 100% complete and balanced nutrition, the class and category of food is just a matter of preference of the owner. Frederico.marketingpublicidad@gmail .com original author and source of the article

Pied Piper

The Queen of cups symbolizes better than any other arcane power of intuition, with the exception perhaps of the Priestess. When this letter is revealed in the tarot of love tells us that the consultant shall enjoy a special intuitive capacity that will allow you to make the wisest decisions. The Queen of cups is the sheer force of water, and is in direct relation with the unconscious of the individual. This mystery is as a kind of mirror that reflects the more unconscious person’s motivations. As a general rule, this arcane refers a person or a situation. In the case of referring to a person, it’s someone with an extraordinary vision on the behavior and motivations of others.

It is that type of person to which all come by Council, who will offer his shoulder to comfort who need it most. This person has an unrivaled beauty. It may not be a physical or sensual beauty, but it is the kind of beauty that arises when a person is pure of spirit. Even when it is not physically attractive, Queen of drinks continues to attract others, as the Pied Piper of Hamelin, with their dreams and their hopes, as it is one person purely dreamer with wonderful fantasies and a vivid imagination. Hence the negative aspect of this letter. Too many fantasies can cause the person to lose the notion of what is real and what not.

The Queen of cups is a champion of music, art and poetry, in addition to being a good mother. Only if you let too carried away by fantasies, their instincts of preservation can go wrong. The reality is that you it’s an individual who feels uncomfortable in the material world and lives with anguish when he is forced to abandon her fantasy world. In short, when the Queen of cups is revealed in the tarot of love, is a sign that intuition as a guide, must be used but with moderation, in order to avoid dreams to grow out of control. This deck reminds us that it is time to stop looking at things with the eyes of the heart and begin applying more rationality and the brain, in order to achieve a more realistic perception of the situation.