Performance Screen

High frequency vibrating screen (vibrating screen) is mainly used for the pre-grading and inspection grading of the second stage grinding of the magnetite mines and the second stage grinding minerals and it can also constitute a closed-circuit with the second stage grinding operations, which is also widely used in coal, chemicals, building materials and other industries.The features of the high frequency vibrating screen:1. No moving parts, so there is no need to add lubricants; 2. Simple structure, easy maintenance, durable, low failure rate; 3. The application of the principle of resonance of vibrator makes the double-plastid work in resonance state, whose required power is small. Starting it up without large start-up current and low noise; 4.

After the start of the vibrator of the vibrating screen, the amplitude can instantaneously reach the working stable value. When it stops, its amplitude can disappear immediately. The direct starting and stop is allowed under the at the rated voltage, current, and amplitude; 5 The excitation or amplitude of the vibrating body is adjustable. The particle size of the products can be controlled by changing the force, which is very beneficial to guarantee the exciting taste of different grain size of ore concentrate; 6. While vibrating body is working, the screen bars also vibrate and the gap between the screen pieces is not easy to be plugged.

The performance of high frequency vibrating screen:1. When the high frequency vibrating screen (vibrating screen) works, its screen surface vibrate but the screen box does not move; 2. screen surface of the high frequency vibration screen vibrates with high-frequency, which can reach 8 to 10 times of the gravitational acceleration and 2 to 3 times of the strength of overall vibration sieve. The self-cleaning capability of the sieve surface and the screening efficiency is high and handling capacity is large, which is very suitable for the screening and dewatering of fine-coarse-grained material powder; 3. it is convenient to adjust the mounting angle of the screening machine at any time; 4. Low power consumption; It is the kind of products of energy conservation; 5. screen box does not move and it can be easily added with a dust cover, sealed discharge chute and hopper to realize closed operations, reducing environmental pollution. The screening machine is environmental friendly.