So Many Political For So Few Citizens

Although certain percentage relationship must exist between the number of politicians who represent certain opinion and their constituents, when the oversize exceeds the equation, the inevitable disproportion that only gesta discomfort and extra taxes generated! This mathematical asymmetry does not respond to any civic logic, already hold a disproportionate number of people participating in the sport of the gobernismo – so this unitary figure-, involves a work effort by residents to solve either salary, expenses and other benefits that adorn the State employee welfare. The fate of taxes directed to consolidate the State bureaucratic system is the most efficient way to break any nation’s economic course, that evaporates the principle of the intrinsic value of the lien, rolling back to growth and to the updating of the place of residence, not allowing even recycle facilities that formerly were. The situation of corrupted include staff within the dividends State, it always responds to two motivations, the first being attached to the family and friends within the benefits free physical sacrifices, and the boldness of the mundane chore. Being the second cause the political imperative of disguise the reality of unemployment, concealing the ineptitude the paralyzing situation, granting certain Entourage empty stolen wages of contributors neighbors, not generating more than the delay time that allows you the authority to sustain themselves as much as possible to continue to charge at the same time the social wage subject to the throne! This last paradox blurs the statistic of unemployment index values so the same is minimal, denying its alarming existence up to the limit of not requiring official interference, avoiding the emission of causative opinions of consequences in the maculacion of political image, or flee from the short-term reality is the concept of elementary political survival! Original author and source of the article.