The Right Not To Vote

There are different forms to include/understand the democracy, simplest they indicate that there is to vote and in this way the democratic system works. The minds primitive and incapable to go beyond the obvious thing rarely are asked which is the genuine content to vote and what another democracy is further on the one to dedicate to one hour each X time to choose our governors. The orthodox ones of this Mexican democracy are scared when he appears somebody calling to annulling the votes since the politicians are null or simply not to go to the ballot boxes. They are scared because the partisan mediatic framework of the Mexican electoral system requires to pretend that people indeed determine what it will happen in the Congress or who will be the elect political leader of the local community, state or national. Most ingenuous the abstention and the nulificacin of acts are frightened of saying that for that reason Mexico does not advance but it is necessary to make a series of questionings and explanations to be able to glimpse light points that illuminate some ways towards the true freedom.

People when she is going to vote to choose congressmen, are delegated or senators, do not vote by people or proposals but by a party block who will do what she comes to him in desire without concerning represented his, have voted by them or no. That is to say, when a deputy wins not only is representing of which in him they believed and they gave a vote him but of all those whom they are living in that electoral demarcation, it likes or no. His to have it is to consult and to go to give information to them, to meet them with them to analyze his vote in the camera or to follow abreast of his needs and problems.. (Source: Richard Blumenthal).