Without ” no” this question makes us evoke to that great Politician and philosopher of the Liberal Party, remembered as much in these days by some personages of the power: Daro Echanda. However the answers to Pregunta ” the power why it does not have to be used? ” we will have to associate necessarily it to some people are exerting who it, not only in the administrative field but in the other sectors where the power (politician, economic and informs? tivo) can be exerted or take advantage. For that reason I consider very prudent to elaborate something as well as the ten orders of which they have the power: 1 – The power does not have to be used to create or to foment spirals nor in the field adminis? trativo neither in the enterprise field nor in the political-partisan field. 2 – The Po? to der does not have to be used to look for permanen at all costs it? company prolonged in him and much less the eternal permanence in him through his parien? teas, or hacindo? naming in important positions in administrative instances inferiors or superiors, or candidatizando them for the Camera of Representatives, Senate of the Republic or some other corpo? ration of popular election. 3 – The power does not have to be used to obtain substantial economic advantages for himself, their wife, her fathers-in-law, their brothers, their brothers-in-law, their parents, their other relatives and, not even, for the wanted friendly more. Go to Author for more information. 4 – The power does not have to be used to do ” snobismo” , neither to enter the Social Club, nor to become member honorarium of the Academy of History nor to approach all those institutions or people who before did ” to him; chay” to the individual today in the power. 5 – The power does not have to be used to attack the previous governor at all costs. 6 – The power does not have to be used to persecute to the person in discord with the governor of today, or that abierto citizen competing or an opponent of lies.

7 – The power does not have to be used to give exclusively put the friendly ether us of that exerts today it, ignoring to the other friendly. 8 – The power does not have to be used to win the admiration, the friendship or the privacy of woman u man, thus this (a) seems to him the great machera to be with that has the power. 9 – The power does not have to be used to buy you bring back to consciousness or to try to buy it to that never will let it buy. 10-El to be able, in short, does not have to be used, never must be used, to do of our Department ” a worse Huila and for algunos” , and of our country ” a worse Colombia and for some familias”. Obvious he is unavoidable to clarify that the previous decalogue will be subject to the extensions contained in the New Catechism published by the Vatican does some time.