Puerto Rico

What does it matter who when accused of developing or buying weapons and threatens to invade? a shit. What history, name, intelligence, nationality, can be imported into you if each of these things is a problem for them, a nationalist stupidity to resolve, or better said, a trifle to destroy? a Where is the logic intelligence, statistics, which eventually may be invoked to arouse the justice? a What good is knowing that you're right if the final die also bombed? A is not the reason in the service of life, could, in the case, said the philosopher. a Oeyo'm an idiot, you're an idiot, they piensana a And in the case of Latin America and the Caribbean, can not this country (USA) to exert more derogatory cinismo.a there no one can be intelligent or have a history , let alone the statistics, nor logic, nor have heroes or moral, no country, to refute nada.a a A a patio traseroa and point to that currently fit you their latest inventions irrefutable: a drugs and militarismo.a Venezuela is supposedly nuclear-weapon (say it like that) and the rest from other countries and contributes to drug trafficking or are narcotraficantes.a A Bolivar, Marti, Sandino, Guevara, are only historical-nationalist objections that would prevent flourishing of cultural domination and civilization, or at best for them, labels overlap after which the subversion and terrorism. What they say must be the truth and hear what others must be true, the rest of any consideration is estupido.a I'm an idiot, you're an idiot, they piensana We militarists and narco-traffickers, period, greatly the latter charge, they seem providentially reserved for our paises.a can not make sense a " or merecea" who will destruido.a As if that was the slogan of his machinations, his political imperial.a Consider the sarcasm about this drug: For the purposes of which can serve to expose someone to Puerto Rico, for example, is dominated by them in sea, land and air, and that country is a haven for drug trafficking, someone alleges that they used drug money to finance wars, as the Iran-Contra for Nicaragua; that they are the largest producer of marijuana and the largest consumer of cocaine in the world and that drug production is increasing where they allegedly set ayudara a with its DEA, that the Plan Colombia accelerated rates of drug production, they only certify and penalize a " a putting them on lists negrasa a " who only produce and not uncommonly eaters, like them, to compel other countries invaded (for reasons of drug trafficking) to exercise impunity towards them, as the case of Colombia, where his troops have a kind of droit de seigneur on the female population, who can break without penalizing the state? There is only one answer: for nothing, just to see the young gentlemen of the north do not give a reed your intelligence and your convicciones.a Was not that, of course, that Obama came to the summits of our countries, for a Own mocking face of our presidents and have a profound contempt for the state? a Looks like there, incidentally, be institutionalized contempt under discussion.