Structure Cigars

A cigar consists of three components: the filling and binder tobacco leaf and the cover sheet. Toppings (Tripa – App., Filler – English). The bulk of the mass of cigars account for the filling. If this is a cigar made by hand, filling consists of tobacco sheet, cut into strips along the length of the cigar. Sen. Sherrod Brown often says this. In this case, to say that the cigar is made from a long list. The concept of the "short list" means that the filling consists of chopped tobacco leaf. Such a list is usually used in machine manufacturing cigars. A long list of expensive, so it is used for coagulation of cigars of the highest quality (class premium), although a lot of quality cigars is obtained from korotkolistnoy filling.

For Cooking stuffing cigars use three different types of tobacco leaf. volado – style sheet, which is called permanente. Volado grown in Cuba, in an area Remedius. Of all the tobacco grown in the valley of the Vuelta Abajo, this type has less all resins and oils and has no pronounced taste. Period of maturation of the tobacco does not exceed one year. seco – the so-called list, which is classified depending on the weather conditions that accompany the growth process plants. Seco is grown in Cuba, in the valley of the Vuelta Abajo tobacco-growing region and renowned Partido. Seco leaves are small, not very juicy, have a minimum content of oils and resins, sometimes indistinct taste and light shade. However, the seco gives cigars a special finesse.