Pastoral Council

So after Christmas celebration, do you know this concern to the pastor. Father Luis after meditating this concern, gives shape and decides to create a unique Ministry of singing, and this decides to designate a general representative. The father decides to appoint me to that position, but perhaps without realizing that still had a sector that he felt rejection towards my person, (but that was not my intention to suggest my concern, because within the choirs at that time, there were redeemable people who could take that position with great dedication, and especially young people. Father Louis had already decided so, and so did know. I could not decline the invitation to think, and will with certainty that through him, is the same Jesus who was calling me for this service. Arrived Easter, and was attached to all the choirs for the feast, I had an absolute rejection, and only played the choir to which I belonged. Later it was agreed at Pastoral Council with our pastor at the head, draw up a general regulation for all choirs, in order to unify them, and the custom was for me.

Taking into account the reality and the existing problems in the chorus I had to used a very strict criterion. This regulation hard and severe, reflected the conflicts that wanted to banish. I think that if reality had been another, the regulation should have been different. The regulation was presented in the parish, (ECP), coordination team and decided that choruses to see and they will review it and corrected. At this point I would like to dwell a moment to express my point of view. I did not agree and discrepe of this decision, I believe that the economic situation and the problematic coral in this parish is persistent, and could not be put in the hands of people who constantly come into personal conflicts, review of something that lights hurt them in his personal act.