One Find

Someone, it turns out, requires a certain thickness of the walls and ceiling height, someone – big windows without closing their trees, someone – the possibility of redevelopment Yes, and the owner often has a vision of the potential tenants: some do not want to “plant” government, while others do not want to be in the office was a great stream of visitors, others oppose audit companies from the broker requires a maximum of patience and perseverance to find a solution that satisfies both sides. It is not enough just to work with the base: you need to go to views, to personally meet with the owners, always check the relevance of information, etc. That is why the “average” transaction usually takes two weeks to two months. Myth number 6: The task of the broker – only to find a buyer Many believe that when a potential buyer nodded approvingly and said that the room he fit the work ends with a broker. However, in reality this is the end, only the first of its stage – search – and it starts to get difficult – to bring the deal before signing the contract. It would seem that in this deal? Are the seller and the buyer (owner and tenant) themselves can not agree? But the reality is that in the most positive attitude of both sides in 70% of cases prior to signing it just does not come! Most disputes arise when it comes to the payment scheme.

Many sellers prefer not formally specify a real cost of the project and receive a portion in cash, through offshore companies or foreign banks. At the same time not all the buyers (which is especially important in areas such different foreign companies) are willing to agree to this. Another reason why the parties can not come to a common denominator – the desire of the owner to register the premises in the contract to any special conditions. For example, a landlord may set higher fines for smoking in the office of sneaked into the territory of the business center pets if at first glance, these requirements may not be as criticism, it being documented, they are often met by the principal rejection of the tenant. Thus, not enough just to find a buyer. Mastery of a broker is the ability to circumvent the acute angles, find the necessary compromises to bring the deal before signing the contract and help your client enclose it in the most favorable terms. Myth number 7: The broker receives a huge amount of money “for nothing” One last thing: many people believe that life is a broker – a paradise in which money literally falling from the sky. In fact, it is not.

It is a difficult work, the result is until the last moment not able to predict one. A broker can work for months on a single transaction and the date of signing the contract, it falls through. And can show the room once, and it will be so the most “ideal” option. A client can articulate demands, and maybe he did not know what he wants, and reject good offers, one after another. It’s a stressful job that requires high concentration and absolute commitment. And another thing: we must not forget that a broker receives a commission only for the result, so that its income is directly proportional to the effort.