Official Gazette

This planning line continues with the General Plan of the dance and will be extended to the circus, sector especially needed support, adjustment and clarification of priorities and criteria. Also, progress in contacts to assess the lines of action in the lyrical and musical fields. Meanwhile grants of the INAEM sectoral Strategic Plan 2009-2011 applied the objectives of these plans competitive concurrence scheme grants. Also, the INAEM has assumed the commitment to promote and promote the music popular in all its aesthetic variations, which has consulted experts and has conducted an international comparative study. In addition, in recent years, the INAEM has been supporting these musics from your system of grants and subsidies. On the other hand, the INAEM supported in an invitation to independent in the years 2008 and 2009, interpretation, creation and dissemination of Spanish contemporary music, helping to consolidate a tissue of creators and performers active with national and international projection, to stably maintain a system of dissemination of such music and promote new creations, and allow all this to publicize the Spanish cultural heritage through our music. This work of promoting contemporary music continued to develop in 2010 through the general call to dance, poetry and music and integrating it in the same, in order to rationalise, unify and simplify support for music in all its manifestations and wealth, and will continue to do so in the call for 2011.

The constitutional mandate to manage according to the principle of efficiency has become a duty demanded by citizens and promoted by their own Administration. The INAEM has reinforced this trend, by mandate of the Council of Ministers, with the approval of its code of good practice, published in the Official Gazette on December 4, 2008. The Code establishes in its article seventh that ‘the action of promotion of the INAEM, developed through subsidies and aid, including those aimed at the Endowment, conservation and renovation of spaces and performing infrastructures, will be inspired and prioritize according to criteria of quality, stability, attracting new audiences, bid between the various territorial fields balance, coordination, external promotion of national cultural industry and the Spanish historical heritage and dissemination of the current stage and musical creation innovative’.