Oberoi Resorts

Anantara Resort & Spa Golden Triangle, Thailand. Located in tropical jungle on a province in the North of Thailand, Anantaras Golden Triangle Hotel also performs a very important work in the conservation of elephants. Being a division of the Center for conservation of the Thai elephants, to the Government of Thailand that project it is aimed at the protection of elephants and conservation of the environment similar to the camps of traditional mahouts which supported industry ever thriving logging. Along with the unique programs for guests which consist of training by the mahouts, trekking on elephants and survival skills in the forest, the experience of conservation is truly very interactive. Amar Vilas Agra, India: Being a part of the esteemed hotels of Oberoi Resorts and Hotels chain, this luxurious hotel is located only 600 metres from the majestic Taj Mahal. In addition to its architectural design and a natural environment only Amar Vilas is engaged in philanthropic activities (including education and support to) persons physically disabled) and also carries out programmes of conservation of the environment at the local level and also to cultural heritage. Popa Mountain Resort, Bagan, Myanmar: this hotel is located in the forest on a mountain side aft, this place has been designed very sensitively so as not to do damage to the environment that surrounds it.? Guests are surrounded by a very vibrant, still quiet field, here there is a great opportunity to make hiking and visiting the mountain aft with its impressive brightness. Does using biodegradable products and adapting their practices of recycling so as to avoid damage to the environment, can this small hotel keep nature in its purest form.? Soneva Fushi Resort & Six Senses Spa, Maldives: Like all the properties of Six Senses, this hotel has a very extensive policy toward its social and environmental responsibilities. Suneva Fushi in particular support to the community of Maldives through planting trees in island Eydafushi, the preservation of the camps eyes where the natives can get one free treatment of Ophthalmology, the Cultural Centre of Malvidas sponsorship and much more.? Tanjung Sanctuary Hotel, Langkawi, Malaysia: as it says your name and slogan, this hotel is literally a? sanctuary for people who don’t like big hotels but have a passion for nature.? The Tanjung Sanctuary Hotel does a list of its policies for the care of the environment but if you design and practice the ideas of sustainable tourism.