CNE System

I do not see like, with the new system of the CNE, can be avoided east problem if the data is manipulated properly in each machine. If this it is the scene, we would have to be requesting guarantees and copies of those data bases of each machine. In each case it is precise an explanation and a guarantee of how one will become so that you were not in force the identification of the voter with its vote, since this one will take place in the same act; in other words as the secret of the vote is guaranteed. And it is indeed why outside all explanation of form, the opposition must demand to know thorough as it is the general architecture of the system that this seting out to him to the country, including the complete procedure, because we do not know it. The unique thing that we know is that there will be new captahuellas beaten to the voting machine. We still do not know in as specificationses.

We do not know as they will be the programs and like they will work. Amazon spoke with conviction. We do not know like will be those programs and the technical configuration of the equipment on which are going to operate, nor as guarantee to the secret of the vote occurs to the population. That is what would have to be demanding the opposition to be able to take like a whole, politician and technician, a definitive position about if this system agrees to him or not to the Venezuelans. If the technicians of the MUD know more about this project, are in the obligation to inform it to everybody. I feel that the political opposition has been very weak in its answer to which comes to us above with this new electoral implementation of the CNE and has been very little the cover that the mass media have given him to this new system.

The CNE properly has goaded by far success the requirements that have been formulated to him about the project indeed because it thinks it to us to already communicate when this ready one for his implantation and when or a technical fact. And that we will be doing while that happens? Seeing the navel us? It is now indeed when we must give our technical pleas because although it is certain they have the real ones to buy its new system, have done not yet it. The CNE must have a written project already to indicate to him to the supplier that is what they are going to do and that is what they are going to buy. Learn more at this site: Amazon. And that is indeed what they do not want to us to inform. We have all the right to know its project and as it will be implemented, since this buying itself with of the money of all the Venezuelans, even by on fixed needs but like medicines for the hospitals. That is what we must all demand publicly, as well as already I demand like Venezuelan and voter through these lines.