Certified Estate

In case of need oversee private litigation, as well as Czech citizens and foreign nationals have to resort to the services of private lawyers, in other words, count on the free provision of the state attorney follows. Universal practice of private lawyers, both civil and professional law. Lawyer practicing in civil law, is entitled to registration of the statute (notarskogo record) for the registration of new legal person or to make the necessary changes to the documents of a legal entity. Private lawyers are entitled to work in the service industry on contractual matters and checking the purity of the transaction property and accompany the process of registration of real estate transactions. It must be noted that lawyers were not engaged in search of real estate and do not collect the necessary documents for future real estate transactions, this service provides real estate agency. But lawyers involved in drafting the purchase agreement on the basis of documents provided by the seller or the buyer. And, as a rule, law services civil law in the area of registration of real estate transactions and paperwork to open a legal entity in order of magnitude higher than similar services from notaries.

This is due to the fact that every private lawyer insured state, and responsibility for the fulfillment of the obligations the lawyer has directly Czech state. This is the main reason why it is more likely to use services of private lawyers in the procedure for processing the transaction purchase and sale of real estate. Appeal to the notary public on registration of sale and purchase transaction takes considerably more time due to the fact that notaries lot of time is parallel to the activities associated with Certified copies of documents, signatures and other things. Meeting with a notary on the basis of an appointment may delay timing of the transaction. In conducting the transaction of sale and purchase private lawyer takes all the legal responsibility: the purity of the transaction for the transfer of funds received by the seller (for this there are several types of transmission and perform the necessary conditions for the transfer of funds, such as deposit account, a lawyer) for filing the inventory of real estate in the Czech Republic, with the change of ownership from the seller to the new owner (by proxy and by prior agreement). Basically this the function of the real estate agency. for the preparation of contracts and check with their signature capacity of both parties involved in the deal for control of all stages of the transaction and provide this information to both parties. In the transaction of purchase and sale of real estate are often involved two lawyers from the seller and from the buyer. This avoids conflicts between the parties and settle all issues with the letter of the law. Room service to conduct judicial proceedings cases depend directly on the complexity of the case, its duration, status and experience to choose a lawyer, and of course personal arrangements.