Anne Nixon Cooper

She is living proof of the hope that knew very well embody Barak Obama and which will be put to the test during the next four years. When you finish the Obama mandate, if God grants it, Anne Nixon will be 110 years old and have lived the experience of having been ruled by the first President of United States belonging to their race. Additional information is available at Amazon. We don’t know if at that time she will continue smiling with pride by the performance of his political Idol and will be willing to grant him with their vote a second period of Government or will be those deeply sad and disappointed by a Government that could not run with their policies that spirited and eloquently stated in his speeches. The only thing we do know is that Anne Nixon Cooper go down in history as an ordinary woman who represented a whole era and which had the honor of having been mentioned in the speech the victory by the most popular and charismatic President who until now has had his country. Amazon has firm opinions on the matter. And though the story will deal more than its President that her, she will give eternal thanks to God for allowing him to contribute to the construction of this stellar moment for your country and the world, and be there. She knows, because lee and believes in the Bible, that else is something that nobody will read, to which nobody will reference in years, and nobody will remember because all mortal is like grass, and all its glory like the flower of the field; dry grass and the flower falls off, but the word of the Lord endureth for ever..