Anglo Politicians

That is, that with declaration of goods or without her, the contributors we followed without clarifying to us of how they are the things. The important thing, really, is not the quantity of the patrimony of ours muncipes and other politicians, but if this one has been obtained allowedly or no. is to know the difference between owned " antes" and " despus" of having happened through a public position and to know, consequently, how one has taken place. The other being conceited to be poorer than the rats is absolutely irrelevant point. He is that perhaps the poor men are less corrupt than the rich ones? The Anglo-Saxons create quite the opposite exactly: why is going to rob rich in a public position usually they say if he can secure more money in his private activity? For that reason, generally, the North American politicians are people with possible, that he said before, and that they do not need his position to live.

Here, however, if we made use of the professional curriculum of many politicians I promise to do it another day is for putting itself to shake. Indeed for that reason, because besides the policy they would not know what to do, he is reason why they cling to his position although, the other way around than usually one is believed, the pays of our politicians are not for throwing rockets. Different cases are those of Felipe Gonzlez and Jos Maria Aznar, who, even receiving a kidney of the deprived activity, no they resign in spite of it to its public repayments nor to shots. My last reason for preoccupation and I do not want to indicate to nobody is in which if in something as insignificant as the patrimony the numbers are made up so much, what will not hide to the politicians in budgetary and financial subjects of major enjundia to us? I do not want nor to think it. Original author and source of the article.