An Experience Of Solitude

If so, and now I that much of this wonderful experience to start attracting what you want is in its early experience of loneliness. If we start by considering the large number of thoughts that occupy our mind and naturally operated nonstop like on autopilot, so that sometimes you ask a person to think? And do not answer you know, has happened to us all, have a tantas cabezaa things in but not have anything concrete. When we realize that one of the secrets of the law of attraction is to begin to take control of our thoughts and focus in the direction you really want, in short, make the autopilot, is a daily work, patience, fight against everything we are accustomed. It is truly a return to the source of our creation, the source of abundance that we believe, is somehow connect with us divinaa a if that little part that we have that we like our Creator. It is an inner journey is finding ourselves, and moreover, we are so accustomed to think of things in the lives of others and what is worse, we spend our lives in consultation with others about our lives, accepting opinions or not, and even when we criticize others, we are focusing our energy on the other, when we realize that staying focused on the other is to give control of our life to another, and once we decided to take control of our lives, at first if it is a travel alone, and when you share with the rest in general they say things like a vos're always so positive in what world do you live? I tell you this if you are waiting for you to understand, if you are waiting to get approved, lda me if it helps me achieve my goals the truth is that I do not care what the rest think everyone can achieve their goals better way you want, I served this way. Hopefully at some point we all reach a communion of consciousness that make each one to create their life and that together we co-create as well. But in the beginning, so, in the loneliness of your inner self which begins the wonderful adventure of creating your new reality, that you are the owner, the one you chose. So be it..