The Summit of the Caribbean in Maicao few times the University of La Guajira in its headquarters in Maicao had hosted so many and such illustrious visitors in a single day. That February 19, the people had the opportunity to closely view characters whose faces were only family members by what they had heard tell of them, or photos of newspapers or by his appearances on television. Senators, Governors, constitutionalists, judges and experts in the field, spent a whole day talking about the Caribbean and about the possibilities of becoming an autonomous region in the light of article 306 of the Constitution. In their respective speeches the President of Congress, Javier Caceres and the Governor of the Atlantic, Eduardo Verano De la Rosa, explained that it has been a very difficult road, as during the 19 years of validity of the Magna Carta, the initiative has shipwrecked 18 times due to various circumstances, which is equal almost to that has been a missteps each year. However, the antecedent, away from Schuco whom have seen in the autonomy a departure to the backwardness of the region, encourages them to continue in a fight whose next step is incarnate in the inquiry without binding effect that will take place on 14 March, on the same date of elections to elect representatives to the House and Senators of the Republic.

The site chosen for the Summit was Maicao, cosmopolitan city but deep indigenous roots. By what Maicao?, asked someone and rightly so, because in the Caribbean there are eight departmental capitals (Maicao is not) and most populated cities and probably with better conditions for hosting an event of this category. The reason is simple: Maicao has a geographical position strategic po9r its proximity to the border and the North and West from the Guajira Peninsula seas, but also so it represents to be the first point of the Colombian Caribbean in its North-Eastern area.