The Plants

If the temperature will be tolerable means that the compostagem process is occurring normally. If it will be of warm the cold, has necessity to increase the temperature by means of reviramento. e) Revolvimento of haystack Fits to remember that the manual revolvimento of the stack of the work and must in accordance with be made the availability of man power of the place. The ideal is that they are made at least three revolvimentos in the first month of compostagem, to the 7, 17 and 30 days, approximately to get a free material of microorganisms that cause illnesses in the plants. In these dates, it must be used to advantage to verify the humidity of the stack and, in case that it is necessary, to irrigate the material to become it humid, but not made marshy. To remember that the revolvimento is necessary, in case that the stack the beginning of the compostagem is not esquentando in first the 25 days after, in this in case that to observe if water excess is not occurring.

6. HOW TO KNOW IF THE MATERIAL IS READY FOR USE? Generally the composition is humificado between 60 and 120 days depending on the material used in the compostagem (ratio of organic and estercos residues), text of humidity and revolvimentos. To verify if the composition it is cured of practical form, to place a little of the material between the hands and to rub. The composed one soon will leave the dirty grease hands. It presents with dark, type coffee dust, without odor, if not distinguishing more its component materials.

8. HOW TO USE THE ORGANIC COMPOSITION IN THE FERTILIZATION OF PLANTS? The decomposed material can be used incorporated to the ground or as covering deceased, mulche. It can be used, also in the production of changes and be enriched with soluble sources of match or potassium.