Interregnum Conception

Geopolitics, geography branch, has evolved from its original conception that determined the decisive influence of the environment in the politics of a nation (geographic features, economic resources, social and cultural forces), until the deterministic conception of the study of the physical environment in the conditioning of human activities or his vision as a policy through space as geopoder understood as historical development of geographical knowledge linked with the power of the State and needs of Governing or as a simple specialty of power that transgresses the international borders, being the example more clear this so-called determination of living space (the entire territory that a country needs to achieve self-reliance and that was prevailing conception in nazi Germany). Today we are faced with a situation that attacks the very foundations of the conception of geopolitics. Crisis of the nation-State, shy hint of supranational competences in the construction of inland areas, accelerated globalization. The space is already becoming increasingly less determined by borders, trade takes precedence over the war, the distribution of the territory is supplanted by the distribution of the time. Possibly the concept of ecopolitica that replaces the old geopolitical conception. As they have leaned numerous authors it could be argued that the space no longer exists, has become a simple function of speed.

He could also speak of geoeconomics, that would be the analysis of the internal economic security concerns. Not you can, obviously, continue considering territorial space as the source of geopolitical power. Now we talk about electronic currents, virtuality, a geography which is a stream of digital images. But as we always insist, we are in a world in transition and what has been termed geostrategy, as a branch of geopolitics, it is necessary to follow considering it. Yet he cannot ignore, in this world again concept of war, overcoming of borders, the analysis of military matters relating to geographical factors, but it is necessary to go beyond, look at the hotspots on the planet and consider the geostrategy as any rational organization of actions to an end with the least possible effort and the lowest risk.