United States

It must be cited that, in case that if opts to incorporating armaments of American manufacture, some of them are submitted the severe operational restrictions on the part of the government of that country. To use the armament with all its potential, it would be necessary, in this in case that, authorization of the government of the United States. Being thus, the acquisition of some models of American armaments would be impracticable. The incorporation of more units of the modern aircraft of Alert Aerial Anticipated R-99A, manufactured for the Brazilian Company of Aeronutica (EMBRAER), totalizing a number of, at least twelve units, is necessary to guarantee a complete and efficient monitoring on Brazilian airspace. The capable aircraft C-130 Hrcules today in operation in the Force lack of Avionica modern. The rise of the capacities of the transport aviation is necessary so that, efficiently, if it can guarantee the necessary support to the operation of the other Forces.

The incorporation of, at least, twenty aircraft of strategical transport of similar capacity to the one of the American model C-17 Globemaster III or to the one of the Russian model Il-76 Candid would be of special value. Moreover, the acquisition of aircraft of aerial restocking capable and more modern in an amount of, at least, 15 units, would be essential. The models Il-78 Midas, of Russian manufacture, or KC-10 Extender, of American manufacture, would be most efficient and efficient in operation currently, being indicated for such mission. Capable aircraft of anti-submarine patrol also are necessary. Currently in phase of acquisition on the part of the Armed Forces, the aircraft of anti-submarine patrol P-3 Orion, of American manufacture, are efficient. However, the planned amount of acquisition leaves to desire. They would be necessary at least, an increment of sixteen units to the planned amount of nine units, totalizing twenty and five units. Thus, the security of another Amaznia, the Blue Amaznia, Exclusive Economic Zone of two hundred miles Atlantic Ocean adentro, would be assured.