French Guerrillas

Others died under bullets of the guards, or were captured by the fascists, they were severely punished and returned back to camp. In the pow camps and concentration camps worked civilian Frenchmen. Among them were the agents of the Resistance, which, when opportunity helped shoots small groups of prisoners and detainees. And transferred fugitives to those who brought them to the guerrillas – the Maquis. After several unsuccessful escape from hard labor on the car-repair plant in Saarbrucken managed to escape from the Nazi hell, gp Ponomarev.

About a month along with another ap he made his way into occupied France. Meeting with leaders of the Resistance in eastern France, decided their fate: they Steel frantirerami – guerrillas. The first baptism of George Ponomarev received the night of 13 to 14 December 1943, participating in start-up enemy trains derailed near the station Barankur. Soon, along with a connected G. Ponomarev left in the forest area near the village of Lauzon, where he met a group of former Soviet prisoners of war. Then there were several people who arrived from Paris, all of them together and made into a forest of Verdun battle core partisans, which is called 'Stalingrad'.

In early February 1944 was still almost unarmed guerrillas derailed train with the German outfit. In two weeks 'George', as the French called G. Ponomarev, and six guerrillas in the area Spenkura derailed German troop train with guns and vehicles. Day of February '23 'guerrilla commander,' George 'said another blow to the enemy – the guerrillas brought down the German defense in the post Canton of Fresnes-en-Voevr.