Why Argentina

The human shields inevitably multiply the innocent civilian victims, but in no way these can be caratuladas simple collateral damage, as happened yesterday with the attack against the three schools of the UN, totally condemnable Act and outside of all logic and humanitarian spirit. Therefore, and against this recurring tragedy, the immediate objective of the international community is very clear. It must be the cease-fire. Why Argentina, says the editorial, should unreservedly support the efforts that, in that sense, is making the President of Egypt, Hosni Mubarak, supported by Nicolas Sarkozy. The proposed mediation should not take; through it, a peacekeeping force formed perhaps with input from moderate Arab countries should be responsible for security throughout Gaza urgently.

Their tasks they should aim to prevent that from that territory continue launching missiles toward Israel, but the normal flow of humanitarian aid into Gaza must also be guaranteed. There is a second mandatory stop. The suffering Palestinian population should get out of the prolonged economic blockade has been subjected to that, which has caused a deep humanitarian crisis and fed hatreds and resentments that lead to despair. Responsible for this also include Palestinian leaders themselves, who have consented and used their own people as hostage. Definitely international agencies should arrogate to find solutions, she knows alternatives of intervention that may lead to favorable results, as the meeting of the the UN Security Council remains gathered at an extraordinary session in order to find a solution to the Middle East conflict, amid Palestinian to immediate action claims are being sought. The meeting discusses a proposal for a resolution tabled by the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, and supported by the League of Arab States. The text seeks a halt to immediate ceasefire, in addition to the constant opening of border crossings for the access of humanitarian assistance, action which already this Tuesday was given response through israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.