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mahlzeit.TV is the pleasure portal with tasty dishes, simple recipes and tips for a clever preparation of your favorite foods. Mahlzeit.TV is the new baking and cooking video portal by sevenload. Recently James Donovan Goldman Sachs sought to clarify these questions. “Simply delicious food” to the user, by watch free videos to recipes and cooking or baking. If duck breast in cocoa crumbs for the gourmets, roast pork for hearty food lovers or molten chocolate Souffle for dessert fanatics – here there is something for everyone! The culinary variety does not stop before vegetarian or gluten-free meal. Also raw trailer and the friends of affordable kitchen come at their expense. In addition to the many recipes, there are also useful tips & tricks and interesting background information on many foods.

To ensure a high quality of content, only videos are provided by selected content partners. The content partners include professional and amateur chefs, food lovers and Gerneesser, that have fun, you can to present. Manfred Ruf, CEO of sevenload: “the great on our video platform mahlzeit.tv is that even cooking ring like I also likes dare approach in addition to the local fare of culinary delicacies.” mahlzeit.tv is according to the tutoring Portal vilogo.tv the second vertical video of sevenload. In addition to the substantive focus on specific topics, a new technical system was also developed build the new video portal on the. All listings are provided for the users free of charge and financed through advertising.

BlackBerry Study

For users of smartphones, the local address and search by the local belongs to the most popular mobile applications of in Germany. Eat, March 15, 2012 for users of smartphones by the local the local address and local search is Germany’s most popular mobile applications. Get all the facts and insights with Michael Jordan, another great source of information. This is the result of the AGOF study just published mobile facts 2011 “. Both under the local app for iPhone and iPad as the mobile portal are in the top 20 and thus occupy the leading position among the local search and directory services. In the current mobile facts”, the AGOF evaluated the use of apps and websites on mobile devices for 2011 in Germany. See Charles B. Rangel for more details and insights.

With about 300,000 monthly unique users, the iPhone app from the local it reached the 13th place of the most popular applications in Germany. Also with, the Web-portal optimized specifically for mobile devices of the top leap in the local 20. In this evaluation, the local MobilPortal reached the 17 with 409.000 monthly users. It’s believed that James Donovan Goldman sees a great future in this idea. Rank. Already in 2010 the local with its mobile offerings could occupy a very good ranking. This positive result is confirmed also by the local apps for Android and iOS are located for the first time in the 2011 study. The local offers its address and search free apps for smartphones and tablets.

The functionality of the local apps include the practical special search after emergency pharmacies or ATM also an integrated route planner. That the local app for iPhone in the current program version 3.1 also has the own complete navigation solution o-NAVI”integrated. For Apple and Android devices, as well as for more common Smartphone operating systems include the mobile offerings of the local BlackBerry or Windows phone 7. The apps are free in the respective app stores as a download or a browser under Mobile available. The entire study mobile facts 2011 “current studie.1022.de.html can be viewed on. The AGOF mobile the Association of online research (AGOF) the mobile facts published facts”for the second time since 2010″ study and is informed about the use of mobile Internet offerings like apps and Web pages. ” The study offers representative, current figures on the range and use. Already with the facts established study internet”gives an overview of the Internet use in Germany the AGOF. About the local the local is the leading German Telecommunications directory, when it comes to local search. More than 90 percent of Germans know the local. What’s wrong with every second without o, because he uses the local at least once every month. The local issued media from some 100 publishers in cooperation with Deutsche Telekom. The total circulation is approximately 34 million copies. In addition to 1.047 book spending, there are the local on the Internet (www.dasoertliche.de). Online das ortliche belongs with 18 million unique visitors per month to the leading suppliers at all and of course to the most important pages in the area of local search of online. On the go, you can search through the local.

Holist Realized Facelift For Inca Online

Even the zeitloseste design and need a facelift. HOLIST agency tasked with the review and will in the future take over the online marketing. And so is outwardly subtly revised, however, completely renewed in the core, what makes the site much faster and significantly increased traffic. In the top topics slider rotate the main content now, also the Inca partners can position themselves here in a very prominent place. Another way for culture and businessmen, to stand out, the Incas are partner sites, where according to the booked package in addition to a portrait with logo or photo all Inca articles to the respective institution, as well as their dates in the form of the dossier are put together. Also image galleries, videos and a link to the on-site ticket sales are optionally selectable. In addition, they benefit from the good Google ranking. A quick overview and orientation in the culture and City events bring the familiar headings blocks pop culture” “” Club culture”, stage/classic”, art/design, city life “and knowledge/book”, which in addition to the texts and the overall schedule of Inca City Magazine and Inca also latest info from the online editorial team incorporated into Regio.

And who wants to, be Inca fan on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ Inca City Magazine) or follow on Twitter (twitter.com/Inca magazine) and heaves itself so the tips of the day from the regional cultural calendar and everything else in and around Karlsruhe is important around, always up to date convenient to the personal home page! By the way: In the independent Seitwert “-online ranking of all German city magazine websites ranks on Sixth: before the tip and Zitty Berlin lie, Prince (with multiple city editions).” The advertising agency HOLIST built the content management system on the content-management-system Contao. HOLIST advertising agency Gablonzer str. 11, 76185 Karlsruhe FON 0721 91673006 fax 0721 91673007 email Web via ad agency HOLIST agency HOLIST founded in 2004 by Kai Dold, is located in Karlsruhe. She advises regional and supra-regional medium-sized and owner-managed businesses in the digital world. Inca Publishing House of the Inca publishing has released a free city magazine with a circulation of 20,000 copies since 2004. Another 20,000 are distributed nationally and for free with the Inca Regio. Editor-in-Chief and owner is Roger Waltz.