Vice President

In the conditions of today’s globalized economy, the serious crisis we are experiencing shows the infeasibility of the neoliberal model based on the indefinite growth (without respect for the limits of nature), the deregulation of markets and maintenance of shameful tax havens. Environmental degradation and poverty in the world are challenges that reach to the whole of humanity. This confronts the challenge of achieving sustainability in a world whose natural resources are limited. The availability of fossil fuels, raw materials, clean water, clean air and up to own climate balance are now at a critical point. Even food are scarce alarmingly in areas more poor, as a result of the speculation. People around the world suffer the consequences of these problems which, for the most part, have not generated. The quality of life of the poorest has deteriorated because of hunger and poverty, but also the quality of life of the richest is compromised by climate change, the economic crisis and social problems affecting security in all its aspects. Contact with what is essential is lost when confused be and have, live and consume, when you convert the existence in a strategy to grow quantitatively.

Which we want to present as a mere financial crisis is only a visible part of a systemic crisis that requires courageous, imaginative solutions and inclusive. You can not be addressed simply pumped economic resources in some areas of the system, or boosting production in traditional sectors of the economy, but with a paradigm shift that puts the attention on human and environmental sustainability. And the first steps consist in addressing the problem of climate change and put an end to poverty, ensuring that all persons who breathe the common air of the earth can make real their right to lead a dignified existence. On the problem of climate change we have long been alerted since scientific sectors. The influence of human action on climate is demonstrated, as also the possibilities of the system from abrupt if not appropriate measures are quickly addressed.

It is not legitimate to postpone this serious environmental issue that requires an international consensus no less important and urgent that which has raised the financial issue, because in the mitigation of climate change, in the correction of its causes, will the sustainable future of humanity on the planet. We call, therefore, the action of our Government in this matter is decided and firm, in line with its gravity, devoting resources of all kinds to the development of renewable energy and the search for corrective measures in our emissions of greenhouse gases, among others, in the framework of a coordinated and efficient international action. * Foundation culture of peace, basic income Observatory of ATTAC-Madrid, UNESCO Chair in environmental education and sustainable development of the UNED, cooperative Proempleo, Vice President of the Foundation stock, group of research education of people Adults and development at the University of Seville.