The Communist Party

Canelas arrives Moscow in September of 1922 and perhaps it was better for the Brazilian Communists who it nor had fond. Its lack of knowledge on the politics of took it to the Party to commit a series of mistakes on some positions of the Communist of Brazil in the social matters and agrarian Party. Moreover in the debates on ' ' infiltrao' ' of not communist ideas in the Working-class movement, it always make a speeched against the orientation of the communist party of Soviet Unio (PCUS), that is, found natural this ' ' abertura' ' politics so recriminated by the direction of the International. Canelas uses the PC of Brazil as example of ' ' coexistncia' ' of you vary chains politics around a party. According to it, in Brazil the participation was natural of maons and of anarchists in the Communist Party? proper Bernardine Antonio Canelas when militated in the Brazilian Working-class movement in the years of 1916-18 if declared anarchist? that this situation did not have nothing of abnormal person. To close its participation in the International, Canelas concludes that not only the participation of maons was natural and anarchists in the communist movement, as well as the participation of catholics and Jews. The only difference in the militancy of these would be that, in the opinion of Canelas, them they could not reach responsibility positions politics.

The commission of the responsible International for a PC acceptance? s concludes saying that the PC of Brazil not yet was true Left a Communist one therefore suffered manicas and anarchic influences. The Communist Party of Brazil initially was only accepted as sympathetical member of the International. Only in 9 of December of 1924 when Rodolfo Ghioli, representative of the International, visits Brazil that the dumb situation. Ghioli observes that differences of the Communist Party of Brazil in relation to other PC? s, mainly in regards to the opening politics, was decurrent the situation of illegality and persecution of that the PC of Brazil was victim.