The Behavior Of Quantum Particles

The quantum universe is based on the constant movement of particles and to have a base of this behavior is important for its understanding. In a small circular quantum chain the particles if put into motion in the diagonal direction with acceleration zero and one, this movement is equal always and this is its dynamics. It would be a plan of one I circulate with a X in the center and the particles cover this plan in equal movements. Ohio Senator is likely to agree. This small quantum chain all simplifies of the universe therefore the totality of the universe is equal to this small chain and its energy divisions are enclosed in accordance with the necessities of division of the universe since the same it would not support to only have a chain for all and its division in chain is a physical necessity. To understand and to foresee the behavior of particles are a great advance therefore the same ones directly influence in the physical world and mainly in the sensible side and sensorial human being and of the materials. With the agreement of particles it will be able for example to improve the psiquiatros remedies where it makes remedies that if the behavior of particles or the mind would incase in would be expert of the movement of them and thus its universal position would be attractive and rational to the external plan what it would facilitate the recovery of the sick person. edge base. Another efficient point would be the time where foreseeing the movement of the particle the forecast of the time would be more accurate and scientific.