Selection Code

Next, call your name, (on duty checks the list of users admitted to setting your premises for security). If your name is listed, and the remote protection display the signal setting for your property to protect, duty will tell you that the room for protection (in some security companies, duty calls your name, you can ask the name of attendant console themselves). After confirmation of the duty statement of responsibility for the protection of your premises rests with the security company. When dialing the wrong code or code that has no rights to the statement, no action occurs should wait 5 seconds (you will hear a double beep – reset input) and dial the correct code. With three times the wrong set of code to the control of, will be sent to the alarm ("Selection Code").

Formulation of the contact Key tm (Touch Memory). Attach the key to the reader, the led on the reader will blink for 10 seconds, to begin the exit delay, after delay indicator lights, smooth light, not blinking, it indicates the correct setting. When touch the reader unregistered key indicator on the reader lights three times, and no public action is not happening. With three times the touch of strangers to the reader to the control of the key will be sent wake-up call about the selection code. If the statement is not: Disrupted zone indicator on the keyboard show number of broken zone flashing or not lit (1 zone-left LED). The most common window is open, not closed the door, broken wires signaling, either in the room were men.