Buenos Aires the Fair City

The foregoing makes the issue before us in this communication exceedingly relevant. It is known that the government of the autonomous city of Buenos Aires, has in the days that are different from a dominant political sign in the executive and legislative branches, both Federal government, and government of the Province of Buenos Aires, and nearly all municipalities with jurisdiction in the respective metropolitan area. With this political configuration, and assumed the problem of “garbage”, one of whose sequel on the strength of the residents of many municipalities to receive the generated “whole area” comes a provincial initiative of a sector currently disputation ruling in that jurisdiction, intended to prohibit the receipt in the province of Buenos Aires, of household waste generated in the autonomous city of Buenos Aires. This proposal, with undeniable political connotations, suggests to us the concern that gives rise to the present. Entering a hypothetical field, one can assume that not only prohibit the installation, but the movement of such waste.

Since there is a virtual absence of land in the autonomous city, arises by decanting, air or water, to remove the waste whose generation is known as permanent. Eliminated the airway onerous, it is expedient to consider the clear waterway to transport garbage domiciliary generated within the jurisdiction of the autonomous city to other regions of Argentina, where after treatment would generate a minimal environmental impact. Anyway considerations, acquire overtones of more feasible if we consider the whole metropolitan area in this which is nothing more than an exercise in imagination, made real terms, and not imaginary. .