Politics, Puzzles and Power

At that knows my good friend Ramon Guillermo Aveledo, managing and administering his great ability to mediate the teams competing in the League of Professional Politics Venezuela. Has been devoted to Sudoku. I remain committed to the puzzles, the politicians, of course. The puzzles have become a Sudoku. Big mistake. The unit is a puzzle, not a Sudoku.

The country is a puzzle, not a Sudoku. The country is a complex body, not a set of equipment required and disabled who decided to compete more constrained, not each other but get the same computer. The team players are few. The crowd is a complex country, a fabric, a body, the crowd that we must appeal to solve the puzzle by its frame to restore the original figure. The original figure of this puzzle, the image that appears when the weapon is called country called Venezuela. It is the crowd that makes the decisions, the first structure, the second producing the answers.

The puzzle assembly is unity. No other unit. This is unity. We must remind Venezuelans are a nation. We must remind Venezuelans who are one people. We have to remind Venezuelans that the fact of living here has given us an initial culture which has become fractured mercilessly to the point of becoming a million pieces of a huge puzzle. We must remind Venezuelans must recover the magnet that we have in our being and return to combine with each other and then get rid of the seams and re-transmit the idea of a social body that knows how to manage the necessary contradictions and points of conjunction and get running. It is necessary to warn Venezuelans of purposes and goals. It is necessary to tell the fellow political system we will establish when you pass the interregnum and as we do with the economic system that this is the result and as we once and for all to take off on the full force of the XXI century. We start with the unit, down, into us in Venezuela. No other unit. This is unity. We must specify how we will achieve the transition. Note that limited to the election is a Sudoku tricked. Is going or not going to elections if they are part of a strategy, because when the elections are themselves the strategy falls into a disappointing aberration called electioneering that does not support mathematical explanation or justification. We may have to live the disappointment as the trigger that allows the country to stop being a puzzle to return to nationhood. Perhaps, but the teachings of Sudoku solvers must help us to understand in a once and for all that unity is the people with a decision in hand, one that goes to resist until resist is synonymous with action.

When a child looks to the puzzle as a difficult task almost impossible. When you have acquired the maturity and puzzles are not made because the puzzles disappear before chilling force of will held in the beam. I speak of the political puzzle, then I’ll deal with them, not the puzzles that have castles and fairies, wizards and harlequins or images of cities in the mythology. Unless I take care of Sudoku, and resolved in the Electoral Procedures Act. I call to unity. I am a loyal supporter of the unit. The unit is imperative. No other unit. This is unity. Let us stop being a puzzle, look for the metamorphosis, the unexpected. This is unity. No other unit. Essayist, novelist, poet, poetry translator, lawyer, diplomat. Author of more than 30 books