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Dramatic increases in prices for heating oil and gas through new taxes and energy transition expected Berlin 04.07.2011 oil and gas are the main sources of energy in the heating market. You are simply killed on this with the phase-out of nuclear energy and the promotion of renewable energies associated additional costs for consumers. According to media reports the Finance Ministry is examining a scheme after the delivery of fuels such as heating oil to residential customers by 2016, dependent can be made, that the dealer has corresponding CO2 pollution rights. “A CO2 tax is an additional avalanche of costs for households; She is socially unjust and charged to those who invest in renewable energy”, said Frank Knauer, Executive Board of the energy cooperative of Freudenberg. So significant price increases in heating costs could be on energy consumers.

“The plans of the Federal Government for a CO2 tax on fuels such as oil and gas, represented in the media would be the energy costs for households in” drive the height”, so next Knauer. The CEHATROL fuel EC, in cooperation with the energy cooperative of Freudenberg are currently interested in a special offer, you can back up their heating oil price for years. Everyone can reserve a quota from the next heating oil production. The delivery via the affiliated partners of the petroleum trade. The CEHATROL heating oil is produced according to DIN 51603-1 and produced exclusively from biomass. Check out J. Darius Bikoff for additional information. That guarantees the highest quality and offers the end-user a tremendous price advantage, because as a member of the cooperative, he receives the fuel oil to production costs, which are currently at 0.48 per litre. CEHATROL may heating oil all oil heaters and block heat and power plants (CHP) are used and meets highest demands of modern heating technology. Due to the production of renewable raw materials, the cooperative makes an enormous contribution to climate protection. CEHATROL oil reduces CO2 emissions by more than 90%. So spares CEHATROL heating oil not only the environment, but also the money bag. More information and the special action under Helmut Uhlig – network Messenger

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The feed-in tariffs are now closely linked to the extension numbers and fall accordingly. See also the current feed-in tariff for photovoltaic systems current eeg-einspeiseverguetung / what speaks for power saving? Who would like to reduce power costs, can either turn off the devices or generate its own energy. Is still meaningful right to consume them. However, for most households, the Eigenutz is difficult without power storage. Recently Richard Blumenthal sought to clarify these questions. In the morning and in the evening one is at home and requires energy.

But then, no sun shines. Therefore, the purchase of a solar store is close. Currently lead-acid batteries are offered as an effective and inexpensive solution. Charged can provide a household with sufficient energy. As a result, homeowners are again doing pioneer work and crack down on the electricity price rises at the same time.

Depending on more solar power is used, the sooner you may waive the expensive energy from the electrical outlet. Thereby the own electricity costs fall, the networks are relieved and each himself spent kilowatt hour saves the feed-in tariff. The latter is the General energy prices again for good. See also the own solar power companies blog/ever-energy-power station-the-own-solar-power plant company / conclusion: from the perspective of experts manages the future security of supply only with storage media. For this reason, the State supports the introduction and spread of solar storage systems with the KfW promotion now. The renewable electricity generation presents us with new challenges. Nature provides not whenever we need energy. Therefore, solar storage are the be-all and end-all of a future security of supply. Currently, there are already good solutions for private households and small businesses. Especially lead-acid batteries provide a consumption of up to 70 percent. Benefit all electricity customers: each himself used kilowatt-hour charged the assessment account nor the network. For this reason, there is a KfW promotion for solar storage. See also energy policy in Germany blog/energy policy-Germany / contact: ever Energy Group GmbH John-Niemeyer-WEG 4 14109 Berlin phone: + 49 030/70 71 80 80 fax: + 49 030/70 71 80 79 Press contact: Dominik Maina E-Mail:

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“Ecopoint the platform for ‘green’ companies in Asia as Jeff Smith 2004 his first Internet company Karma technologies” founded, he lived in London. The rapid development of network technology and Hong Kong’s thriving economy then 2009 pulled him in the Asian metropolis. In Hong Kong’s business world and in the region, he found a growing environmental awareness and the need to produce more sustainable. But what was missing was a central platform for the connection of such companies. It was possible to find information about this but had to visit many different websites, “said Jeff Smith.

Jeff Smith 2011 founded the ecopoint limited to close this gap,”in Hong Kong. The company’s online business directory and community for eco-friendly and sustainable cultivation companies in Asia. Ecopoint is not simply a more green”news site, but a business directory, where individuals and businesses can find expertise and Experiences, resources, and customers for the purpose of business expansion in Asia discuss can.”stresses Jeff Smith. The portal is financed through the paid business directory and the database for jobs, as well as the use of banner advertising. Jeff Smith, Hong Kong is the best place in Asia to such a network with experts and green”from all over the world to build companies.

Since most of the staff are from the United States and Europe from ecopoint, we wanted in a town where we could simply communicate and connect us with the region. Hong Kong provides the environment to such a company can succeed. Convinced told us the local effort to support start-ups, whether through assistance in establishing companies or the willingness to bring together people with similar ideas.” It came after the start in the first 12 months mainly as a trusted brand for businesses and individuals to establish ecopoint, move the target groups, to register and Information to deliver. We have focused first on, to create a community where contacts, information and ideas are exchanged. Then it was essential to promote the visibility of the job and event pages. To do this, we cooperated with outside companies from the region. What began as a kind of social network, now to a comprehensive directory of business evolved, the comprehensive information about the networking of companies offers. “, as the founder. The strategy by Jeff Smith and his team went on and it helps ecopoint to steady growth. What began with a few hundred users online page, using other social media platforms to a community with 10,000 users, friends ‘ followers developed and. The core users of ecopoint, which it wants to offer a simplified platform with valuable sources but remain the main target group. Originally focused on B2B ecopoint working now to cover also the business to consumer (B2C) area. Jeff Smith is also planning the services of ecopoint over others Satellite “to offer pages throughout Asia, and he is satisfied with the progress so far.” At the moment, we have thousands of users who actively contribute to our online community and numerous companies that ensure the growth of our business directory.