The Power Political Of Rejection

Citizens have as shake us a power that us press. However, many people who want to free themselves from an oppressive power do not another thing that incurring the voluntary servitude. Many times it happens because the problem exceeds to cut the head of tyranny and so get rid of it because you would have to sample all of a social body deformation. We have seen that in the first meeting of the new National Assembly, shows unequivocally that this country does not have a ruling class. Not so enough with the rejection of the dictatorship but with a project that go far beyond and involves the transformation of the social body that celebrates the circus before his eyes presented.

A total change of the gaze and the encounter of a line of flight that goes towards the formation of an alternative that exceeds the regime to include the construction of a new community is then necessary. What is shown is a terrifying nudity which must be deserting. Thus, the question is not why they revolted, but why not make it. Someone once said that this was one of the fundamental problems of political philosophy, that is, why men fight for their servitude. The answer is given, certainly in the decapitated social body would be very bad before the mirror.

So here we could argue that it is quite likely that the majority of the country is no longer with the regime, only you don’t know what that means. The regime exerts a discipline that includes the outputs to the recreation of the students, for instance debate in the National Assembly. When members are desganitan in their lugarcomunistas screeds respond to an inner compulsion dictated by that discipline. I.e., the deputies highlighted discipline themselves and are delivered and with his eloquent speech produced the domain from their subjectivity. The Vindicator congregation that celebrates it has told four commonplaces to the regime could be transformed into impositora crowd.