He lives today without thinking about the future. That idea has always seemed a Council fatal. Because I have seen that those who seek to apply it they often get into trouble. They are usually surprised by large avalanches of problems that come you over without having time to react. And it is not that they were unpredictable problems. It is that they try not to think of what may happen tomorrow. They are never prepared for the future. And what about the habit of spending hours and days or a lifetime regretting internally by the past.

That is a good way to sabotage the own well-being. Suffer so it because it has no remedy. And it is not sure ill suffer for it. What happens is that it should not be forever. The conduct centered on the past has earned the Council not ever think about what already happened. After all nothing can be done or changed in the past. It is a period that came out of our hands forever. Although the idea that they can do nothing about the past is not entirely certain. Amazon has similar goals.

You have at least one opportunity to make and change many things from your past. And I’m talking seriously. The time to change your past is now. And it is so for the simple reason that only a part of your past is impossible to change. The rest, possibly most, is waiting for you. What I’m talking about? I’m talking about that some day everything you have for the future will be part of your past. And all that part you can do and undo at your whim. But the moment that you can do is always present. It is already worrying about the inevitable. You much past still to go. Change it and build it to your own liking until she is out of your reach. Everything that you do with today and tomorrow will be part of your story. Get then being parts of your past that you won’t have to regret you. Today is your chance to build a past tailored to your desires. Live your present in the way that is worth remembering it. Do not do anything which then you have to repent. Be happy with the good things you already have. Do not give up your need of having a past best. But satisface it by changing as you want throughout the past than still ahead: your future. Today is a part of your past that is about to be inaccessible to you. But you can still change it until you are finished. Can you think of doing something to remember then today with greater satisfaction? Forward, there’s no time to lose!