Studio Lohan

The actress and singer went back in the recording studio in the last time you could report not much positive about Lindsay Lohan. Parties, alcohol and constant change of man were the order of the day. But now Lindsay Lohan is once again positive headlines. As it was now known, she want to go back in the recording Studio. The “mean girls” Star trying thus their music career moving to bring back. She will then bring out their third album. Their inspiration? “She told PEOPLE magazine:” it is a Kylie Minogue of kind of meets Rihanna mix. “a new kind of texts will need to think about also probably you and certainly she will avoid the subject of car accidents and re have search.” I think the past is past and it should probably also be. It has a new time for me and I want to show that is also different. “Lohan told now that she has recorded three songs.” I recorded the song in New York and Los Angeles.