Statute Comproms

When beginning the confrontation, about 300 activists of the movement 15-M, who were dispersed by the different accesses from Them Corts, is concentrate in the Navellos street, where is the main entrance of the Parliament. The police load has agreed with the attempt of exit of the building of some deputies and when the official cars of some of them were in the street Count of Trnor hoping to gather them. Comproms study action by " porrazo" On the other hand, Comproms will study to adopt legal measures after his deputy Juan Ponce has had to be taken care of by a blow in the offered arm, apparently, by one of the police unfolded before the Camera to control the act of protest of the movement 15-M. According to sources of the coalition, the legal services will study what to do in this case because Ponce has received " a blow that not mereca". The deputy has related to mass media how he was struck in an arm during " five or ten minutes of tension and palos" in which the agents, according to have counted, have gone towards a concrete group of " indignados" that one was behind the perimeter of security established by the Police.

Ponce was at those moments behind the fence and after being struck, Corts has gone to Them so that the services doctors of the Camera would review the arm to him, that in principle only he presents/displays " a mark of porra". The parliamentarian has also narrated how at those moments of tension he has been able to see " to one lady in a faint in suelo" and to a boy who " she bled by cabeza". Her companion of group and spokeswoman Mnica Oltra has criticized before the assistant representative of the Government in Valencia, Luis Felipe Martinez, who some of the unfolded antiriot police did not wear the number of identification. According to Oltra, Martinez has justified this circumstance in that the agents do not have the obligation to go identified, although sources of Comproms have aimed that throughout the noon the police have been put the plate corresponding. Constitution of Them Corts Inside the chamber, Corts Valencianes has celebrated the constituent session to Them of the eighth legislature, in which president to Juan Cotino by the 55 votes of the deputies of the PP has chosen itself, whereas the Socialists have voted in target, Esquerra has made United it to one of his deputies and Comproms have emitted null votes. Cotino has protested that the new legislature cannot be undertaken " neither with sterile resentments, nor with vocation of imponer" the ideas " without before trying to convince with the words, nor with disqualifications to the totality, and much less to each persona". After taking possession and swearing in Valencian the position of president of Them Corts on the Bible, the Statute of Autonomy and the Constitution, in front of which there was crucifijo, Cotino has asked that the 99 deputies who conform the chamber are " dignos" of the confidence that has deposited in them the citizens. Source of the news: Four stopped during one load against the protests of 15-M in Valencia