So Paulo

The bibliographical research is defined as that one that if it extends through the classification of the available knowledge on the subject that if wants to search. Thus, it was opted in this research to ‘ ‘ thought of complexo’ ‘ because we understand not to be possible to think the reality without still taking in account the arguments of the Method of Edgar Morin and because the positivista-linear, dichotomized and simplificador thought did not obtain to understand a society that is not equnime. It was looked to pautar for the quality criterion that is indicating of trustworthiness, according to Bauer and Gaskell (2001). The study was also characterized as a descriptive research, as Rudio (2004) because it is desired to discover and to observe phenomena with the end to describe them and interprets them. 4 FINAL CONSIDERAES the actions of the Public Security guard if have shown incapable in the confrontation of increasing crime in its diverse nuances. The public unreliability is uncosteded fact in the daily one of the society.

The statisticians prove the increasing index of crime, especially violent crime. The construction of a professional intelligence it passes for the bias of the uninterrupted education, in the necessity of the practical understanding of the thought and of the Public Security, perceiving contradictions and mediaes, attitude well more complex of what to be only based on information. Thus, plan-evaluate-to plan is the necessary three-day period for the construction of this intelligence and in these movements of planning and institucional evaluation, it urges that if it breaches with the perversity of the instituted order. On the other hand, the aptitude to think and to create strategies in complexity situations that are essentially ‘ ‘ inteligncia’ ‘ staff, is characteristic of the professionals of security, exmios in this quality front to the work conditions that are given to them and that they are worse the possible ones. In general way, the will lack politics of the governing stops with the subjects of public security empties in desmotivao of its agents whom if they see premidos between the jousts requirements of the external public and the lack of half for the attendance to these.