Slavic Movement

Recently we have been able to learn through communication with the spirits of our mentors the truth about various famous people who are heads of some Slavic movements or communities. They call themselves the wise men, healers, psychics, writers slavyanistami, spend a lot of cultural activities and duties, possess some knowledge, but are not always who they say they are. Many of the Slavs, to awaken in ourselves the spirit of family, come to them for help, but do not get in the long run nothing but nurture pride in themselves, bringing destruction to his own spirit through the hatred of others, but yet I sebepodobnym people. Why is this happening and who is behind all it is worth? Indeed there is a group of people in power who can be called "world government" or bankers. Indeed, they had a plan to weaken and destroy the Slavic people, similar to that described in the "Directive Alan Dallas." Among them is a person who is responsible for the plan, "Slavic people". It implements the program of "world government" and part of these programs is the "Slavic religion" and "national movement ". For this purpose, there are certain tools and established leaders – those great "magicians," "spiritual fathers" and "psychics." For credibility and excitement of communities and movements that have been established educational materials that carry 50% of the truth about the Slavic past, culture and traditions. But the second part of this material has been specially debugged by the task of "world government".