Professional Art

For example, in art. 15 of the Civil Code under the responsibility is understood as: "the responsibility of a citizen on its obligations all its property, except property which is in accordance with the law can not be foreclosed. " In Art. Part 1 of Art. 5 of the Professional Code liability – it is "socially dangerous consequences action (or inaction) of a citizen and then comes the socially dangerous consequences, for which established his guilt. " In Art. Part 1 of Art. 2.1 Code of Administrative Offences, administrative responsibility – is the result of administrative offense, that is wrongful, wrongful action (inaction) of a person or entity. As can be seen, common among these definitions are the following features of the legal Responsibilities: 1) the state compulsion, and 2) conviction of the offense and his subjects, and 3) the presence of adverse consequences for the offender. Based on the foregoing, legal liability can be divided into the following types: civil, criminal, administrative, financial, constitutional and so on Some researchers have noted that the types of legal liability of appropriate types of offenses: – civil liability (tort) – disciplinary responsibility (disciplinary, prevarication) – administrative responsibility (administrative misconduct) – Professional responsibility (a crime). However, most often identify the following types of responsibility: – constitutional – civil law – Disciplinary – professional – administrative. We characterize the selected species and determine place administrative responsibility in this conceptual row. Constitutional responsibility is a separate kind of legal liability and is applied in the cases stipulated norms Constitutional Law.