Perfect Drink

Calcium promotes metabolism and one thing that nowadays more and more people desire, especially as work stress influences the daily lives of many people is to keep the body in the form of reduced fat deposition. Bodybuilding is long no passing fad, but a sport that enjoys high popularity. This improves not only the look, but also posture can be corrected. Who regularly runs muscle building, know that weather and temperature may be no obstacles. A constant training is indeed required to promote muscle growth, coupled with a proper and healthy diet. Among the products that have a positive effect on the muscle, the milk. Although milk is absolutely frowned upon in some bodybuilder circles for several years and has a bad reputation, it is but the perfect foods for muscle growth.

Not only the food scientists know that, but this realization can prevail fortunately more and more Right”, says Tobias Fendt, operator of the fitness blog Considering the composition of milk and its components, you see one, according to nutrition experts, for muscle growth and general health nearly perfect distribution of the individual components. A liter of milk contains: 48 grams carbohydrates, 32 grams protein, and 15 grams of fat. Better and easier it can not make the nature us. Who suffers not just lactose intolerant, would be wise to put milk on the menu. And this not only in small, but quite lush sets,”advises Tobias Fendt. The daily consumption of milk and milk products can have a very positive effect.

The calorie content is approximately 440 calories per litre, plus the 32 grams proteins, which divided into casein and the valuable whey protein. This is a mineral that strengthens the bone supplied the body also calcium. A calcium deficiency causes not that relax the muscle and consequently the few potential energy can not properly contract. “Result: bad contraction is the same bad training is constant out muscle”, white fitness expert fendt. A good calcium promotes fat metabolism and reduces fat storage. But also the fact that you can find milk anywhere is one of the more positive aspects of milk consumption, be it at the grocery store or the gas station around the corner. It is also very of advantage that the milk in different grades is offered. In most circumstances it is ideal with a fat content of less than 2 percent”, so Tobias Fendt. Underweight people could quiet drink whole milk, skimmed milk is the ideal drink for overweight people. interested parties can learn more about milk as a sports drink…