National Politics

Difficult to speak of the scene of the national politics without falling in the common place and banalizar what it needs to be transformed The news article that the Magazine Sees (22/09/10) brought on lawsuit 2010 is to haunt: absences, spectacular enrichment in four years of mandate, debts with the Federal Prescription, processes in Federal Justice and the Court of Accounts, proposals presented to the parliament without no relevance and confront it moral that is ' ' soldo' ' of them parliamentarians with have 15 wages to the year Parallel I attend the performance of my colleague, Professor Ricardo Malheiros, formed in Biology for the UFRRJ, working in three different Schools, educating, approximately, 400 young mseros adult and reaching R$1.500, 00 for month. Competent professor, compromised, operating! That values are these that attribute to the parliamentarian biggest value of what to the Educator? Paraphrasing Russian Renato: ' ' That country is this? ' ' Why not to institute minimum wage for all these self-sacrificing men of the national politics! I will vote null in 03/10/10 In protest form I will vote null! Raquel Lopes 25/09/10.