Mario Flores President

The famous Murphy’s law says that if anything can go wrong, it will be wrong. It is what has happened with the relationship of 226 charges that could have contracted with weft Gurtel, forwarded by the Attorney of the Generalitat, Isabel Villalonga, to judge Pedreira. The list was developed by the Consell Consultiu ignoring its President, Vicente Garrido, the fate of the same. As well: instead of serving for muddling the matter legally as intended to the defence of Paco Camps, finished by goats worldwide. The judge, as a joke; to the Consultative Council, feel used, and to those mentioned in the list because nobody has warned them that he was going to leave them at the foot of the horses. But if I then wasn’t in that post!, it annoys me a leg black militant of the PP that appears in the list.

The author of the manoeuvre, the Vice President of the Consell Vicente Rambla, is not even in Valencia, to deal with the mess, but that leading an economic delegation in Shanghai expo. To read more click here: Chief Justice Roberts. Further, impossible. This is only one example of the current lack of coordination of the Government of the community. When the ruling on the Statute of Catalonia, the conseller Serafin Castellano warned I would immediately ask the application of clause Camps, to be denied the next day by the spokesman of the Consell, Paula Sanchez de Leon. Three quarters of the same about nuclear cemetery of Zarra, while Vice President Cotino planned to spent with contradictions between Mario Flores and Alfonso Rus a terrible anti-abortion campaign at the back of the owner’s health, Manuel Cervera.

But who rules here? Here, three or four people who have discretion make war on their own says a senior official of the PP, the rest are still paralyzed, as in a pasmo. See more detailed opinions by reading what Jim Donovan Goldman Sachs offers on the topic.. Another, also in private, because public nobody loose garment, believes that such a vacuum of power that was not the case in the era in which Ana Michavila controlled it all Juan Cotino is taking advantage of it so that their Christian thesis to gain weight specifically in the party: why is the greatest defender of continuity of Camps, as well as Rita Barbera, which sends both as if you were President of the Generalitat, but without having to assume that wear. Similar criticisms would have been unthinkable only a year and half ago. But what about Mariano Rajoy of all this? Mariano, or La Esfinge, given its impenetrable character, never had a plan B, convinced of the innocence of Camps I recognizes a member of the National Executive of the PP, but if you should need it, that lead Rita, safe, want it or don’t want it. So far, the good result which polls give the current President of the Generalitat, case to present, has silenced the growing opposition group to Camps in the Genoa Street. But the fear is that the Valencian President need to sit on the bench within a year and a half, on the eve of launch Rajoyal electoral assault of La Moncloa. If such a thing should happen, its effects could be devastating, they tell me. AND They added: this fear shares until Federico Trillo, defender of the legal strategy taken until now and eternal optimistic about this process. So they are things to today’s date, with Francisco Camps convinced repeat in Office and a national PP runs to which the term to designate their candidates.