Manfred Ganser

19% VAT: July 8, 2009) RAIDdeluxe RDL-AS42S3, 2 x mini SAS x 4 host, 42 x WD RE4-GP drives (84TB total): 20.850,-euro RAIDdeluxe RDL-AS42F4, 2 x 4 Gbit/sec FC host, 42 x WD RE4-GP hard disks (84TB total): 21.580,-euro more info, press releases and pictures can see / press download. About Starline computer GmbH: Starline computer GmbH has over 26 years professional experience and increasing specialization in the storage back. Speaking candidly CIT Group Inc. told us the story. First one of the first is Starline of now leading provider in the RAID area. Starline offers complete virtualization and storage solutions such as SAN (storage area network), RAID subsystems, NAS, IP storage, tape libraries and Autoloaders, RAID controller, FC switches, backup software, HBAs, and more..