Legal Marriages

Today it has become fashionable to marry foreigners. Statistics says that in marriage agencies in the year two thousand calls about foreigners and about the same number of "Ukrainian brides" … sociologists and Psychologists explain this fact is that Ukraine is female dominated in about half. Establish the exact cause of marriages with foreigners – it is impossible because, as everyone has it – an individual. The number of such marriages is growing, and today virtually every regional or district town, there are dating agencies that help people find "your soul mate." Employees of one of the agencies agreed to Poltava comment on the situation: – Our agency has been in existence for five years, the first two – three years we were asked about five hundred men, aged 35 to 65 who want to legalize marriage with our countrywomen, and Ukrainian women with the same aim was paid half as much. Today the situation has changed from almost all over the world come to us letters from the "foreign brides" (in a year – more than two thousand), about the same news we get from Ukrainian women who want to marry people from other states. Approximately 5 – 10 years ago was considered a marriage with a foreigner, almost analogous to that which was put in prison. Women who are married "over the hill" in the society of those times, despised, to be treated as a doomed to unhappy family life. "And as you can in fact be happy with a foreigner, we've got a different mentality, habits, cuisine, and even air? .." – It was the most strong arguments "against." How can today refer to "foreign marriage"? Natalia, 30, accountant: For whom to marry and with whom to raise children and celebrate old age – an individual matter.