July Place

Vacation period ends after a month of July, I decided to busy August to devote to something else, this year’s summer has been strange, politicians have been silent, or calm and continue with your style more. We’re a society numbed by football nobody complains so negative that happens in its existence, the resignation has an impact on the fighting spirit of the society whose idols are strangers modern, from quiz shows personal or political scandals and unless some reporter came to air your amorous affairs right and left by broadcasters in exchange for wads of cash. Out Da as a month to aerate your brain, when you return to your usual routine, everything is in place, politicians in their pedestal, INEM queues every day greater in the door of the office where you only serve a very short time slot.

The soup kitchen continues to serve a large crowd that has grown long. Everything is in place, while one clings to the good times of summer to cope with their own existence. The press is still a strange oasis where the abuse of government make-up and focused on the prestige of the opposition because they know that the opponent is weak and no means support him. Everything is as usual, the company expects second-rate to Sunday or the day to take refuge there football on television, while the crisis is no longer an obsession of a few to be a stark reality of the dream that wakes us from previous years where the euphoria was excessive consumerism. The alarm sounded and the crisis the party is over, now there is no money for anyone, although the government made promises, they know they can not fulfill. Everything remains as before the holidays but that if our pockets are empty, everything is in place, soon began to roll again, after the summer, continue to live a hard time, where our pockets pay any excesses committed by others. The resignation appears to be the only thing that ordinary citizens have the right. Radio announcer for 16 years who also cultivates writing.