Japan Education

Along with it but to teach the whole person personal meaning. Western culture is very conservative and wise, the exchange of Western and Eastern cultures which undergoes Japan, makes interesting fusion of both and is now experiencing in this country. Where formal education exported from Europe in the twentieth century continued developing, growing increasingly informal education and they call for their originality, or cultural, decreases, the interesting thing is that these outside influences and new to them only gave the importance it deserved it worked only in a balanced way, where forms and details that do not offer him anything for their educational development and the emergence of another culture, giving good results in combination of both, that like Japan, we should leave behind counterculture values and not take us more than a wrong path a path full of flaws and false for the education of our generations. Having a penchant for any of them is when it causes big problems, as in all societies where there is exchange of ideas, cultures and needs. We are traditional, but that does not mean that it is tradition and that your grandfather to have to hit your wife or your children to pass out, we should not respect or follow custom only one type of lifestyle (culture, etc. .) taking the positive aspects of the diversity of cultures and adopting it as a balance will have significant results. I like teaching and the example he gives Dr. Gallegos about spirituality, the question was to distinguish or clarify the vague idea of what it is.