And then, with this number of newspapers and sales data of 4 books with a circulation of 50,000 Alex went to the act. Now it has taken quite different: a man has proved that his product, his books sold well. Next was the conclusion of the contract, and Exler corrosive studied each item, demanding the best for himself the conditions. The story ended heppiendom. The first published book firmly entrenched in the top 10 best-selling book publishers act.

The most famous writer of the Internet brightly lit their star and reality. Masha TsareWa, one of the most popular authors publishing RIPOL-CLASSIC, is skeptical of such a business decision. “I think this is an impossible route for most people – she says. – Creation and promotion of the site – this time. A majority of writers to the same combine creativity with basic work. When I started, to be honest, I never thought about business – I just wanted to get my book published. That gave her a publishing house for a pittance.

And then another. And yet. I was just interested in writing. A publisher was interested in working with me, because I wrote in one go, quickly. And then pulled his head out of sand, looked around, leaped ambitions. That’s when I proposed the concept of publishing the series, which will be only one author – myself. I think that the best way – is the answer yourself the question “What is my unique creativity? “, to formulate it in writing, in the form of creative and commercial offer. And come to a publishing house with the project, not just with text. ” INSTRUCTIONS: how to become the author? If you are determined to plunge into this business, the first thing worth thinking about a product that you offer a publisher – the book. We are by default are talking about a work of art and focus on “big” the Moscow publishing house, bypassing the regional. First of all, your text should be fun. Only a fascinating book open for you granary lock on the door the publisher. Editor, simple ignorance – for this is the corrector. And here is an uninteresting story, even the best written language, it throws into the basket. Text size Publishers – strange people. The first step in the publishing house you will be asked how much of the manuscript you are being offered. And, having received an adequate response from you: “Two notebooks and one notebook, the editor you would not understand. In the publishing business adopted such a unit, as an author list (AL), ie 40,000 characters including spaces. So, the volume of a book should not be less than 12 al, ie 480 000 characters with spaces. Now, when we decided on the product (book), make the next step – pass the text for consideration for publication. It’s all quite simple. The site chosen publisher Take the phone number. Call, and you dictate direct mail editor who is ready to accept your text for consideration. So, get a coveted address, write a letter to the editor.