What it seems, to make of account or to continue to have for itself the absolute power it is what it imports you of the false one to be able. One or 1550 ogives represents the same intenso in the direction to have the destruction power. Of the mouth for it are divulges it ‘ ‘ intenso of elimination of amea nuclear’ ‘ , but those that withhold the armaments and the technology do not open and never they will open hand to have them.

Nation that always obtained what it wanted and if developed for the manifestation of its warlike and technological power (that started if to reveal with the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagazaki), will never open hand to have it. Nations that had developed its warlike industry during the two great world-wide wars, now is having of feeding its monsters, which dominate the politics internal and continue with high hunger of production and manufacturing armaments with being able of destruction and to dominate excessively with this belicoso power and through its interventionist actions; while nations without any litigious pretension are barred in its pretensions, exactly that being for pacific ends. Now, after the Cupola, the excuse can be of the production of armaments and the equipment for the defense, the protection or ‘ ‘ to move away to the threat terrorista’ ‘ , a time that ‘ ‘ increasing protagonism of the private sector in the security subject nuclear’ ‘ he was recognized. It does not have no guarantee to be given to those nations that today want to excessively hinder to develop the nuclear technology, of that proper they cannot make its use again.

Also it does not have no guarantee of that the climatic and seismic events that there as she was that one of some years behind in Brazil; but we can evidence that the accessible weapons continue sales and for any one in that country (of the one not to forget that the father Bush, promised a weapon to it to each citizen who opened a banking account and nor to take off of the memory those scenes of students invading schools and killing its colleagues and professors with weapons of high being able of destruction 95% of all the external military bases of all the countries of the planet.