General Fight

Disciple of Savigny complemented the thinking of the school above all with its conclusions on the personification of the volksgeist in something other than the sum of the consciences of the people you write the people. Thus the spirit of the people, paradoxically takes shape and becomes something concrete, measurable and understandable as a whole objetivizado. RUDOLFF VON IHERING (1818-1892). Precursor of the school of the jurisprudence of interests is considered and always presents as a brilliant exponent of the dogmatic. In theory finalist created by him should not be considered a legal order positive as a deductive enunciation of an idea or a plan, but as a result of the needs of social life no law or no code can be sufficiently understood without knowledge of effective social conditions of the people and of the era in which it was issued (sic) the real right is not the one formulated in abstract terms by General legal norms, but which lives in a real way by the people, and that applies in the judgments and resolutions 9. He believes that peace is the aim of the right and the means to achieve it is the fight. Finally, on the other hand, is the creator of everything right and the fight must be in the right: every right in the world should be acquired by the fight; those principles of law which are now in force, has been indispensable to impose them by the fight who do not accept them, so all right, the right of a people as an individual, assume that they are the people and the individual willing to defend it right is work tirelessly, and not only the work of public authorities but that of all the people 10 * sociological school. Law is a social product or the manifestation of social life. The right was manifested at the beginning by undifferentiated rules of moral character, religious or social and its fulfilment was insured by the same social group.