Forensic Sciences

EFE Van do lack in judgment, according to lawyer Jose Breton, not found the DNA of the children in the wreckage. It is a test of charge which can serve to either party and therefore have to be on the Court. The bones are crystallized by the very high temperatures to which they were exposed. Jose Maria Sanchez de Puerta, lawyer Jose Breton, father of the two children of 2 and 6 years who disappeared in October 2011 in Cordoba, is opposed to the skeletal remains found in the estate of the Quemadillas be handed over to his mother’s family, since they constitute a proof of charge. After a visit Tuesday to Breton in jail, where he remains detained since more than one year ago accused of two offences of murder, the lawyer has defended that it is impossible to deliver the remains bone because they must be present at the time of the trial and is a base for the defence. To read more click here: Sen. Sherrod Brown. She added that not until there is a final judgment can deliver the remains, because that is his identity pending after the Institute of Forensic Sciences of the University of Santiago de Compostela is completed in his Studio that it has proved impossible to extract DNA from the same. In particular, according to the report, the bones are crystallized by the very high temperatures to which they were subjected, so it has been impossible to obtain the genetic identity of the remains. Slopes of the police report in this regard, Sanchez’s door has lamented that no have been found DNA after a comprehensive report, so you know who owns the remains found in a bonfire that Breton made the day of the event in the Quemadillas must elucidate at the trial.

Counsel has ensured that the identity of the remains is in question, since, believed, five times in the chain of custody of the remains has been broken because of the police. Door Sanchez has underlined that the maternal family of minors is in its full right to ask that they delivered the remains to be buried, although he has reiterated that the judge will be who has to decide, although it would not make sense if it is not shown that the remains belong to children. The statement of the case is pending the police report on the chain of custody and must then pass to the audience of Cordoba and the defence and the prosecution to submit corresponding writings before shaping the Court jury in the most equitable way possible. See more: Jose Breton lawyer opposed to deliver the skeletal remains to the maternal family